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Comments for 'Riders of the Storm: Deserter'

CoLd BlooDed
12:57 am | June 18, 2004
Was the band that sange "Riders of the Storm" by any chance created by The Doors?

One of my (girl)friends listens to them and just did a presentation on them in computers at school.
Nick Kang
7:28 pm | June 15, 2004
I don't think you could tame the Flood. I could just picture a scientist walking into a small room full of carrier forms. Boom.

The story was pretty cool, especially the whole 'Use the Flood as a weapon' thing.

7:01 pm | June 15, 2004
Also, the whole "Tame the dangerous aliens for our own purposes" thing goes all the way back to Aliens
6:59 pm | June 15, 2004
I seem to remember a Classic rock song by the name "Riders of the Storm" can't for the life of me remember who sang it tho....any way...cool story

MC's Cousin
6:27 pm | June 15, 2004
That is just one example of how us humans think about a potential threat:
"Hey, those Flood are damned deadly. What if we could use them for our own use? Hmm, we have to try that! 'Think of the tactical possibilities!'"
That kind of thinking is usually the downfall cause of many movie military characters.

Sadly to say, I would probably suggest the same thing if the possibility arised and I was there to suggest it. Yet another example of the human thinking process...

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5:35 pm | June 15, 2004
Thanks, everyone... And as for research while in war, usually the most frentic of researches are done while the country is at war. Atomic bomb, etc. People could use the Flood as weapons... Think of the tactical possiblities.
MC's Cousin
12:32 am | June 15, 2004
Dang, I'm gonna have ta stop agreeing with those two. It's beginning to make my opinions look mute!

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MC's Cousin
4:35 pm | June 14, 2004
I agree with Helljumper and 343SB, fully.

I liked it, it had a sort of quality that made it interesting. And thank you very much for using the code, something that has become rare on the HBO FF page.
Keep writing, I think you have potential in the kind of writing you displayed here.

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2:29 pm | June 14, 2004
I liked it, i thought the lenght was perfect for what you were trying to do. But doing research on Flood while the earth is under attack, i dont' know.

343 Salty Beans
5:13 am | June 14, 2004
I liked the irony at the end. That was an interesting plot, but extremely short. Not that the shortness is a bad thing, but it might have been more wise to have Tom reminisce longer about his job or something, or maybe describe the attack better. Also, there were a few runon sentences and lack of grammatical perfection.

But it's a fanfic, what can I expect?