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Comments for 'Warning: Hitchhikers May Be On Board.'

CoLd BlooDed
9:50 pm | May 26, 2004
I'd give it more than a B. His skills have really gotten better over the past few stories. Keep it up, Severian.

If I did give ratings, marks, etc. I'd give it an A.
Nick Kang
8:13 pm | May 25, 2004
Master Chiefs? With an 's'? Do you think there is more than one MC? And this story didn't suck. I'd really like to see you do better, macduff. Although the Colonel shouldn't call MC 'sir.' SPARTAN or not, a Colonel is a higher rank than a Master Chief Petty Officer. Other tha that, it wasn't the best, but still worthy of a B.

4:42 pm | May 25, 2004
Why, thank you... Although you shouln't say anything because you don't seem to be able to write out a damn comment without having half a dozen errors. And the colonel called master chief 'sir,' because he is a goddamn spartan.
2:09 am | May 25, 2004
yeah you seem to have a little problemo with rank... you see cornel's usually don't call master chiefs sir... because they are a higher rank. other than that you're story just generally sucked ty :)
12:41 am | May 24, 2004
MC's Cousin
7:46 pm | May 23, 2004
You had several careless mistakes in there. Also, you need to capitalize Grunts, Jackals, and Hunters.
That little "theory" (may I call it) about what the caption "Warning Hitchhickers May Be Escaping Convicts", was interesting. It would explain a few things. And woulnd't be "un-Bungie", but...we will see.

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