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Comments for 'The Dead Man's Story: or, The Militia'

my head is gone
1:28 pm | May 17, 2004
hate to say it but i didnt really like it. 5/10
8:11 pm | May 14, 2004
This was something I whipped up when I was supposed to be writing a analysis of some stupid poetry by John Keats... a quick 30-minuter.
Thanks all!
3:47 am | May 14, 2004
That was a very well-written fanfic! Short, but definitely enjoyable to read.

Thank you for that.
- Darkest90
5:31 pm | May 13, 2004
Yea that was good, it was different but very well written. I'm looking to see where this goes

CoLd BlooDed
1:50 pm | May 13, 2004
Good, I didn't expect anything less, Severian!
Elite Zov
1:28 pm | May 13, 2004
Hmm..well, good story. Forgot the word I was tring to tell you, well, you did real good.