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Comments for 'Of Fire and the Void: A orphan's introduction to soldiery'

10:55 pm | May 11, 2004
Argh... Damn 'a' and 'an'. They are the bane of my grades in my AP english class. Thanks, NK, for pointing that out.
Nick Kang
10:35 pm | May 11, 2004
I'm not sure if they were typos or not, but you need to work on: 'a' if the word doesn't start with a noun, and 'an' if it does start with a noun.
Other than that, great story, can't wait for the next.

12:41 pm | May 11, 2004
Hmmm. Very Terminator-ish with the Elite looking like a human kid/teenager. Why the Elites would disguise themselves is something of a mystery unless: a)they want to know more about humans and human behavior, or b) the war isn't going too well for them. This story has definitely peeked my interest--I hope Part 2 is coming soon?
11:18 am | May 10, 2004
Wow... I'm going to start crying.
The next part I'm going to start after I finish my Finals. That is, in three day's time.
About the Elite... and why they are disguising themselves as kids... well, they don't JUST disguise themselves as kids, they turn into other things as well. Lot of dopplegangers runnig around Earth at this point in my story.
Thanks All!
2:31 am | May 10, 2004
Hopefully, I'm no longer a noob.
CoLd BlooDed
9:09 pm | May 9, 2004
That was really different. Severian, you have a knack for surprising us. So many questions floating around in my head:

How did the Elite disguise himself as a human? What's left of the small gang and to become of it? And most importantly, when is part two coming out? :D
8:42 pm | May 9, 2004
yea that was really unique. Now i wanta know why Elites are disquising as kids, damn it, post the next chapter already and it better be good.

but the story was good, great details and all

7:19 pm | May 9, 2004
Cool. I liked how they Covenant were diguiseing themselves as kids. No one would suspect kids as evil aliens. Bum Bam Bum Bam Baam Bum, Da da daa da da daa da da daa.