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Comments for 'The world will end with fire.'

CoLd BlooDed
5:09 am | May 13, 2004
If only Hunters were real, that's where Black Berrets can show their skill. In video games! :)

Lol, good strategy, Nick Kang. Hey, where do you live currently, anyways?
Nick Kang
10:39 pm | May 12, 2004
Canada's army sucks? Last time I went to Canada, I saw an old military base with a black beret standing by it. He looked like he could strangle a Hunter with his bare hands.
And yeah, America has a lot of enemies. I think when I grow up, I'm gonna live in Canada, very close to the border between the U.S., and when Canada gets attacked, I'll go into the U.S., and when the U.S. gets attacked, I'll stay in Canada.

CoLd BlooDed
1:50 pm | May 12, 2004
None taken, Nick Kang. I only don't like people like Chodemonger who say Canada sucks and shit, by saying that we (being Canada) didn't do anything in the war, and that it reflects on us what we do in our daily lives.

I also realize that Canada has an extremely shitty army, that's one of the things I hope they develop, because what if a terrorist decides to do something to us? And we have no army to defend? I also think that Canada has a better standard with other countries, but America has alot of enemies, I'm pretty sure.
Nick Kang
10:48 pm | May 11, 2004
And Severain, do you mean the movie 'Bowling for Columbine?'

Nick Kang
10:46 pm | May 11, 2004
Heck, America is already falling apart. I'm guessing that within another few years, the War in Irag will turn into WWIII. But, yeah, I do think America would win against Canada, what with big guns and stuff. (No offense to CoLd BlooDed or anyone else that lives in Canada.)

2:02 am | May 10, 2004
I was KIND of joking. Yes, the US will destroy Canada in open war, but what about afterwards? America will tear itself apart after the war. It's standings with other countries will go down so much that no one will trust it.
CoLd BlooDed
1:42 am | May 10, 2004
I really hope you were joking. ;)

Canada would lose once America bombed us and then sent in their troops. I mean, come on! We live on the same continent...
1:10 am | May 10, 2004
You asked it to Kang, but oh well:
Canada will kick U.S's ass. Why? 90% of it's citizens are already immoblized on the borders, AND it can send it's hockey teams across the ice.
Ever see the movie by Micheal Moore on this subject? Basically it's America going paranoid and attacking Canada because the president needs a popularity boost.
8:08 pm | May 9, 2004
You tell him, Kang. Side note: Hey Kang, who do you think would win, Canada or the U.S.A.

Just asking.
Nick Kang
3:07 pm | May 9, 2004
Chodemonger is a D-U-M-B-A-S-S-!-!-! Canada and America rocks! I'd love to see Poland try to survive a war against America alone, let alone America AND Canada.

8:53 am | May 9, 2004
Dang, its a natoinal stand-off down here. You all need to calm down. Oh, by the way, nice job. Very cool. And to Chodemonger, though I don't live there, Canada ROCKS!!!
CoLd BlooDed
6:18 am | May 9, 2004
I can say that you, my Polish friend, are a dumbass.
5:51 am | May 9, 2004
so is america
5:49 am | May 9, 2004
No actually i was gonna shoot myself and CANADA IS FUCKED
Nick Kang
3:52 am | May 9, 2004
Ummm...yeah...what he said!

12:07 am | May 9, 2004
Hey Chodemonger, "wierd" is really spelled "weird." And what do you mean by "pissoff Canada?" Do you automatically assume that anything you don't like is in Canada, and that everything "American" is good? A shotgun and a cartridge? How are you going to shoot me? Fire at the monitor? And yeah, the story was fucking serious, you dirty cocksuck. I hope you were joking, because once I gain the power to travel the internet physically, I'll burst forth from your computer to punch you in your ignorant nationalistic ass.
CoLd BlooDed
7:55 pm | May 8, 2004
Chode, what do you mean by Pissoff Canada? God, so many asses on HBO.

Say that again, and I'll personally kill you.
Nick Kang
2:36 pm | May 8, 2004
It's...different. I can't think of anything else to say, so cya.

11:45 am | May 8, 2004
Pretty strange story, but really well written. Keep it up!
10:19 am | May 8, 2004
i like the carlos guy
but it is wierd, if this is a joke kool
if not
send a shotgun and 2 cartridges to:
This story is really weird
the characters are fucked up in it
Pissoff Canada
CoLd BlooDed
4:41 am | May 8, 2004
I like how you write, it's very different from everyone elses. Really good, keep it up.
1:39 am | May 8, 2004
Thanks, all:and sorry for the crappy formatting
mynext one, however, utterly kicks this one's ass.
At least, in my conceit I hope so.
1:26 am | May 8, 2004
Thats good for a short story. You really captured emotions.

8:35 pm | May 7, 2004
I ABSOUTELY LOATHE STAROFFICE 5.2. It messes up the paragraphs into utterly UNHOLY messes that flame of crap.
No one
7:42 pm | May 7, 2004
Very well writen story. But theres no interaction with anyone, or is this just like the introduction to the tale. Good job.