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Comments for 'The ODST's story: (part 1)'

10:08 pm | May 7, 2004
yeah, really, I'll cut the swearing.
9:57 pm | May 7, 2004
A pretty cool story, although you seem to like swearing too much, as the same word over and over and over gets repetitive and makes us think that its the only swear word you know. Other than that,
8:27 pm | May 7, 2004
Hey, sorry about that, Helljumper. But I'm still in the 'noob' phase- I think it'll take at least a month for me to become a competent Halo ff writer, and sorry again for butchering your ODSTs.
And ColdBlooDed, yeah, the swearing was WAY overdone. I'm still trying to succesfully inplement the code into the stories.
CoLd BlooDed
5:04 pm | May 7, 2004
Don't worry, Helljumper, I'm writing an ODST story, it won't dissapoint.
CoLd BlooDed
5:04 pm | May 7, 2004
It was okay, the swearing kinda threw me off, too much of it does a story bad. I know you were trying to capture the ODST persona, but I don't think it's that extreme.

Anyways, good job on using the code. Thanks for the read.
4:50 pm | May 7, 2004
That was different. Whats with everyone writing about my ODST lately and not knowing the facts. They just think ODST are Special Forces(which they are) but not anything else aobut them. People read Halo:The Flood please, i'm begging here.


read my series they are good.