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Comments for 'The Ghosts: Silver Eagle Down(Chapter 1)'

Sergeant B
2:31 pm | September 2, 2003
I never read a story by crashedwarthog. I was about to, but I had to go to bed. Should I read yur story(s)?
5:15 am | September 2, 2003
loox a bit like my first story! hehe dont worry i'm sure this'll get betta just keep up at it, 8/10
Alpha Lance
10:12 pm | September 1, 2003
look at this

Alpha Lance: creator of Halo Trilogy
12:57 pm | September 1, 2003
pretty good, theres definitly room for improvment, some stuff could of used a lot more description i i found that we were not given enough information to realy figure out what was going on
3:38 am | September 1, 2003
That was hard to understand

Work on the ususal puncuation and don't jump around so much, makes it hard to follow.
Alpha Lance
2:26 am | September 1, 2003
Ur reclome. =^)
Sergeant B
10:17 pm | August 31, 2003
I started a 3rd series because a guy named Arthur Wellesly said to start a new series or try to make mine better. I tried to make it better, but didn't. So I started a new series.(again)

And thanks for the 9.5/10 rating Alpha Lance.
Alpha Lance
5:40 pm | August 31, 2003
Please start a new paragraph when someone gets
done talking. But it was good, 9.5/10.

And I'm the frist one to actully score it.

Alpha Lance: Writter of 'Halo Trilogy'
5:27 pm | August 31, 2003
A lot of grammatical errors, punctuation, and capitalisation errors. Use a spell check, or have your mom proofread it for you.
5:13 pm | August 31, 2003
isn't this like the third series you've started?