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Comments for 'Earth's Destruction [6:3] All Alone...For Now'

Black Titan
1:17 pm | June 19, 2004
That was awesome. cant wait to read more.
System Failure
11:02 am | April 5, 2004
Nice Story got right to the point. How long before chapter 7 comes out?
12:20 am | April 5, 2004
Thanks Awacar, and sorry it took me a few months to right this. I submitted Chapter 7 after this update. It's a bit longer than some of my other ones.
4:05 pm | April 4, 2004
Sorry, I'm late on commenting, please forgive me.

Good story, I must say that you have chosen the right element(space and air battles are candy to me.) and done the writing well. Some small things, *looks at my stories* take the last away, I don't want people to wash critisism over my all-too-frequent mistakes.

Waiting for the next chapter...
2:33 am | April 4, 2004
Thingy, next time try constructive insults.
2:24 am | April 4, 2004
Best piece of poo I have ever read
6:20 am | April 3, 2004
This is a record. Only one person posted and it wasn't Awacar. This day is getting more wierd by the second.
2:33 am | April 3, 2004
Chapter 7 will be even better.
1:26 am | April 3, 2004
Nice, I liked this, great story.
10:15 pm | April 2, 2004
This is just like it when I first came here, "silent as the grave".
9:12 pm | April 2, 2004
Sorry it's been awhile. But I hope you enjoy!