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Comments for 'Well Enough Alone Part VI - Settin' the table'

4:42 pm | May 21, 2002
of course you should continue the series, if you are organizing a fanfic collective, and people are taking you seriously, then surely that's a confirmation of your works worth? also, its a pretty fine inclusion to the libraries of Halo fanfic as well.
5:22 pm | May 6, 2002
Nice to know, Jaywhit. For the mean time I'm taking a break on WEA. I'm trying to find some inspiration to write, since I'm really shitty without it. In the mean time, I've sent in a poem from the perspective of a forerunner for you to enjoy. 'Should hold you off.
3:09 am | May 6, 2002
I like your series and you should really continue it. There wasn't any mistakes or anything of that nature. Your's is one of the ones I enjoy reading. Can't wait for any other one you write
2:22 pm | May 3, 2002
Thanks, I really appretiate that.
9:57 am | May 3, 2002
Yes, i agree with shadow, this is a great series. you should definately continue it.
3:07 am | May 3, 2002
Coming from you, Shadow? I'm flattered! I really enjoyed your series, though I thought more description was needed. It was one of the few I really kept up with. Thanks, and I'll heed your advice.
1:06 am | May 3, 2002
Hey ryan...you're series is VERY good, and i think you should continue it.
2:24 pm | May 2, 2002
Again, this installment has been an attempt towards an improval. Please comment, and the question of the days is: Should I continue this series?