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Comments for 'Well Enough Alone Part V - Waiting Game'

Ryan (amused)
9:36 pm | May 2, 2002
No, it was me who posted that. *grin* I was simply conveying your stupid thoughts off MSN to get more people to share their comments.
Jason... maybe another one.
6:52 pm | May 2, 2002
Ryan,1) i did read 5, and i concur with what he said2) that wasn't me who posted that. Jason is a common name
2:54 am | May 2, 2002
Nope, it was great Panzer. Thanks. I'll work on making editions longer, and six is pretty lengthy. As for paragraphs... I'm working on it. I barely read any books, so I'm still learning here. hehJason, STFU. You didn't even read five, dumb ass.
2:45 am | May 2, 2002
better than the last, but still boring as shit. drop this series and get a new one, FAST.
2:45 am | May 2, 2002
Good, good description and all. But, paragraphs my man, paragraphs. Also, you say you've already written part 6? Part V wasn't terribly long, why not combine them, or just write longer chapters? Probably make both your life, and Louis' easier. My chapters are usually 5-6 pages in length. Part V of WEA is what, 2 maybe? Just combine them into larger chapters instead of having lots of "wee bitty" ones :) Just some constructive criticism. Hope I could help, and wasn't too harsh, I didn't mean to be.
3:09 pm | May 1, 2002
First new one in a while. I didn't get much of a response for WEA-IV, so please try to give me some feedback for the fifth installment. I've also completed a sixth, and in keeping with Louis's length rules, it's quite long. She's already been sent in, so expect her posted tommorow sometime. Good luck keepin' up!