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Comments for 'Well Enough Alone Part IV: Blind Dispersions'

2:04 am | April 14, 2002
Heh, well, thanks. I'm a little made because I used the phrase "directly above" twice... damnit. Oh well, maybe I'll read it over 3 times next time. heh
4:24 pm | April 13, 2002
much better than your first three... and also creative with that gun trick
4:21 pm | April 13, 2002
I like it keep writing them i just havent had time to read it yet though. Nice work
1:37 pm | April 12, 2002
I hope you all enjoy this... I've had some problems with this series, but I liked the title and wanted to continue it. Hopefully, this 4th adition has turned what was a dead-end series into something with a bit more potential. Also, I'm very pleased with the inclusion of action in this edition; although some of it may be boring, at least I made an effort to thrill you this time... heh. I'd like to stress that I am trying to turn this series around, and that #4 is the turning point. Any plot holes thus far should be excused due to this. Thanks. PS: This is a POST-Halo fic. Sorry - I changed my mind. haha