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Comments for 'Well Enough Alone Part II: Arrival'

9:22 pm | March 30, 2002
haha... yeah, I guess. One thing I can tell you, though, is that the episode 03 should be pretty good. I'm going to integrate some battle sequences to really make things interesting. Discussion is great n' all, but there is alot more to be said for some effective combat. Take for example, the disaster that was "In the bedroom". *vomits*
The British Commando
10:09 pm | March 29, 2002
I like it, and besides, I think plot-holes make things more funny :)
9:53 pm | March 29, 2002
Yeah... I noticed that... pre-Halo with foe hammer already dead. Besides that one little thing it was overall pretty good!
2:30 pm | March 29, 2002
this one is good i like it very much
5:17 am | March 29, 2002
Pre-Halo... Damn, A plot hole so early...
11:03 pm | March 28, 2002
is this pre, post, or during halo? Louis said it was pre but you mentioned Foe Hammer's fate.
11:03 pm | March 28, 2002
7:59 pm | March 28, 2002
This is a continued version of my earlier installment. If you remember freshly how the last one ended, then this should make some sense.Yes, it's a bit boreing I know - but I wanted to effectively set the scene for an all out war. Enjoy!