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Comments for 'ODST Saga: Chapter 6'

7:33 pm | May 7, 2002
thank you guys, ill read your story right now ags, expect a comment in about 20 mins :)
12:48 am | May 6, 2002
hey robo read the awakening by me and post a comment i really need to know how i did ok i feel the same way bout mine i need to know how it is ok
12:47 am | May 6, 2002
Hey this was a great story robo keep it up make another chapter ok it was a greta experience reading it and the story line really keeps neat so great job
10:01 pm | May 5, 2002
Hey someone actually posted on yours,this is a good one and i can't wait to read the next one
11:53 am | May 4, 2002
So far I like where this is going. Good form with the battles, and the touches of personal perspective are cool.
2:24 am | May 4, 2002
thanks ss, i appreciate you commenting on it
7:15 pm | May 2, 2002
C'mon guys, would one comment of any kind kill you? I'd like to know how you all like my series.