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Comments for 'Resistivity Chapter 1: Save Me A Seat'

7:27 pm | February 28, 2002
This is an incredible fic. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
2:37 am | February 26, 2002


Nothing worth getting into a fuss about. I could also nit-pick ad infinitum, but... compared to the story average around here, you pulled out all the stops, so I'm leaving well enough alone :)


Roger Lin
2:24 pm | February 25, 2002
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate intelligent criticism (constructive, I hope). Any comments on proofreading practices? I went through it about four times to catch grammar/plot errors, clean up the story, add color, but I could have easily continued ad infinitum...Next chapter may be ready in two weeks or so.
10:00 pm | February 23, 2002
Nice work, as good as the Fall Of Reach.
5:41 am | February 23, 2002

Well, it's not perfect. But it's very, very good.


Oh, who am I fooling? Fantastic work, Roger. The "To Be Continued..." made me shiver - I REALLY want to see this one keep at it :)

No really intelligent criticism to make, shame on you, making it hard on me :)

Keep it up, mate.