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Comments for 'A Marine's Tale: A Covenant Ship and a Nearby World'

the author
7:05 pm | November 26, 2003
I love fans
5:30 pm | November 25, 2003
Great story! Liked the way you used the first person perpestive. Good surprise with the ODSTs in the elite armor.
1:27 am | November 25, 2003
Quite good. Personally, I can't stand writing in present tense, but you did a good job.
1:32 am | November 24, 2003
It takes alot to make a proboard special.
10:21 pm | November 23, 2003
sorry, correction to make- elites are 8ft tall.

thats gotta be some uncomfy armor....
10:20 pm | November 23, 2003
can most marines fit into a 7ft tall piece of armor?

besides that small fact, i liked it. more to come..?
CoLd BlooDed
5:51 am | November 23, 2003
Ya I know what you mean, I checked out the site personally and it was nothing special.
4:47 am | November 23, 2003
Oh, and I HATE spammers, geez, get real. They gotta realize they're only annoying people.
4:43 am | November 23, 2003
Oops, I thought I posted earlier but I guess it didn't go through. Anyway, nice story. Every once and a while the tense (past, present, future) of your writing seemed awkward, I can't quite put my finger on what it was though. Anyway, I liked the story, and if I'm complaining about something small like that you know you had pretty good grammar to begin with. Keep it up.
1:18 am | November 22, 2003
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CoLd BlooDed
11:35 pm | November 21, 2003
hey pj-NYkr90, do you remember me? If not you read my first story that I posted on HBO a little while ago, it was called return to earth. If you want to read another one (I've improved :] lol) its called Fight for New Tatley. Good story by the way.
10:32 pm | November 21, 2003
allelujha someone posted
10:30 pm | November 21, 2003
Pretty good 9/10
10:16 pm | November 21, 2003
where is everybody?? Ya'll read Hunter's stories and not mine!?! I see how ya'll be.
8:53 pm | November 21, 2003
hello guys!! I'm back again and i just want you to tell guys that im sorry for bein' late. Tell me how good the story was and post a comment.