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Comments for 'A Marines Tale: Getting the Feel of Things'

5:47 pm | July 24, 2003
first of all, in response to your confusion, the marine in question, Ryan Dunbar, was promoted because the whole thing (deploying from a ship and fighting the covenant) was all fake, it was a test to see what kind of men the Sarge has under his command. True, Dunbar was a punk running away but when you are surrounded by the enemy and your friends are getting popped off like flys, i would run too(sad isn't it). Second, they aren't going to be trained for three days only. First, they have two weeks of hiking through the rainforests and over hills while under ODST fire (trianing stun rounds). They are deprived of sleep and food, as well as supports. This is to simulate an actual combat op, and then, when they finish this, they are immeadiately put into rifle aiming, tech support ie.computer hacking vehicle driving etc. I can't tell ya much more than that on the subject of training. Finally the reason why he was promoted to Corporal is because of his excellent performance in the mock deploy and fight battle. Also, they're ODSTs, no one can control them *cough* cough* cough* That's about it. Sorry for the confusion
Da Mann
3:27 am | July 24, 2003
Maybe that's why the marines in the game suck so much, and why in the storyline we keep losing to the Covenant. Our army is a ragtag bunch of fresh recruits versus an army of well-trained and disciplined vetran soldiers. Hence the need for SPARTANS.
Spartan 117
10:51 pm | July 23, 2003
It was good, though kinda unclear in some parts. Are these guys ODSTs, or just getting trained by them? Also, the lack of disicpline exhibited by these Marines is scary. Such acts, like racing like kindergarteners to the cafeteria, would problably get them some sort of disciplinary action, or at least a warning to stop running. Also, how does some guy who runs away in battle get promoted? Also, (sorry for the overuse of this word) what kinda Marines is the Corps turning out these days? Never had their own gun before, ran away in battle, etc. Also, it needs to be a bit more detailed. Slow down, so we can take in what's happening. Overall, a good story, but the next installment would be better if you took some of my suggestions to heart.
6:03 pm | July 22, 2003
This ain't no Ice Cream Social!
Da Mann
3:16 am | July 22, 2003
Nice! In your first part; after 200 years cell phones are still around? And we still have problems with signal coverage? *Guy in cell phone commercials passes by. "Can you hear me now? Good. Can You hear me now? G-" *BANG BANG BANG* Sarge: "Boy! Didn't I tell you no cell phones durin' drill?! This ain't no time to socialize!"*
2:56 am | July 22, 2003
Tight story. I like the writing style. Keep 'em coming.
I agree
2:15 am | July 22, 2003
I agree
10:39 pm | July 21, 2003
Yeah, like a diary. 9.75/10

I like how it went into the marine's perspective and such. You make the reader almost feel the main character's anxiety as he goes into 'battle'.
10:10 pm | July 21, 2003
9/10. Seemed like it was written kinda like a diary.