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Comments for 'This is Suicide: Chapter 4'

5:06 pm | December 6, 2002
Don't worry about your writing. People are busy and there are a lot of stories being posted.

I also found that people don't like leaving the same comment every time on stories so you can take the last comment they left on a previous story and apply it to all your stories unless they say otherwise or it doesn't make sense to do so.

Keep up the good work.
5:21 am | December 6, 2002
hmm mabye if you made a comedy, I think if I didn't start with a comedy on my forst couple times writing, noone would pay attention to my other fan fics lol
The Author
5:17 am | December 6, 2002
YO! why does nobody comment on my writing any more? do you guys even read it? evrybody else gets comments and responses and i feel so left out. :( hehehehe...
12:44 pm | December 5, 2002
WOW!!!!!!I Like I like I like. You should Really keep up this series!