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Comments for 'This is Suicide: Chapter 3'

Gunny 343
9:31 pm | December 9, 2002
Your writing reminds me highly of Carlos Hathcock's descriptions in "Marine Corps Sniper" keep the desrcriptions coming, the detail is liked by some.
Guilty Spark
6:17 pm | December 4, 2002
Good job, Neile.

[i]This Is Suicide[/i] has been a pleasure to read. I think the story is interesting. You did a good job with character development, general descriptions and pace of the story.

My only suggestion would be to hold back some on detail descriptions of weapons and ammunition. I don't think it's necessary to detail the caliber and grain of ammunition, nor do you need to always refer to a weapon by its official name. Details of this nature can disrupt the flow of the story - especially if they are repeated frequently.

Again, good job. I look forward to your next installment.
the author
8:53 pm | December 3, 2002
the next chapter is rather long. both of these were written while i was on Thanksgiving break, so sorry about the delays. anyway, the next installment should be posted within a few days.