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4:27 am | November 3, 2003
Ummmm... Hypothetically speaking.. If one were to, *hmhm*, build a working full size replica of a Warthog... ok, guys- stop laughing, (aside from the obvious difficulties of designing the driveline/steering/suspension, it'd probably be mid-engined, right? Definitely not reactor powered (it wouldn't be nearly as loud as it is), it sounds a lot like a diesel. Anyone know where I can get some CAD generated wireframes? Soooo.. correct me if I'm wrong but this is what we've got:

full time 4 wheel drive
4 link front and rear independant suspension
4 wheel steering (opposed)
fully independant suspension
about the same wheelbase/track as a full size p/u

I'm wondering if a stretched Fiero with a longitudinally mounted 6.5 cummins turbo (automatic) routed through a Porsche 911 transaxle to the rear wheels with the output connected to an open diff up front would work. The front and rear driveshafts could be tied into shaft drive motorcycle drivetrains so the axle could get in the way of the articulating IFS (for authenticities sake). The lubrication systems would have to be re-engineered.. The windshield kinda looks like a 3rd Gen. F-Body rear window, but its too wide at the base. Well, lexan is easy to form.. Hand formed aluminum is the obvious choice for bodywork.

Any other off-the-wall brainstorms??

I'm kinda partial to calling it "The Puma."
Traumatised Marine
12:47 pm | January 18, 2003
Oh c'mon, there's WAY too mcuh tank on the Scorpion for a Pelican to carry it, it's half the size of a Pelican itself!
8:33 pm | January 17, 2003
You SEE a pelican carry a tank in the opening cinema morons! It can carry it!
12:56 pm | January 17, 2003
augh... you neeed to clear somethings up first.

I'm pretty sure that the Warthog doesn't use ceramic titanium armor, that would make it pretty heavy. The machine gun/ "The Spray" is a 7.62mm coaxial gun, not machine cannon. I think you meant autocannon anyway.

I'm also pretty sure that neither runs on a fusion core, or else they wouldn't need twin exhuast pipes behind the tank. Not sure about the Warthog but I tink I saw an out let on that too.

The tank's cannon doesn't need time to cool, it's to load another High Velocity round. The reason it takes so long is probably because the rounds should be kept deep in the tank so as to avoid being set of from enemy fire. Thus it takes time to move it through some secure armored tubes and primed (safeties off?) to fire.

From my point of view, the warthog is made of tin foil and is completely indestructible, shunting all of the damage, somehow, to the driver... damn that warthog.

Nice try though, also get your laws of physics/ quantum physics clear, you can't eliminate heat with cooling, you just can't destroy heat regardless. Sorry, like I said, nice try. keep it up any way! The covies have no real precedence for me to compare to... much;-)
Neile Pederson
12:11 pm | January 17, 2003
When it comes time to address the Pelicans, I will address how the Scorpions are dropped off. If you look at the hull of the tanks, there appear to be lashing points of some sort on each of the tread pods. To address the other questions, yes I will continue this series of writings with descriptions of the Pelicans and Covenant crafts. The only source material I used was the schooling I've had so far to determine the alloys used and their approximate weights and an online conversion site to convert american into SI units.

Oh, and I'm still working on the "This is Suicide" series, I've just been on break so I've had limited access to the internet.

Thanks for the comments guys,
3:15 am | January 17, 2003
Good except... I was really expecting a story...
2:19 am | January 17, 2003
oh and Berconius, about your tin foil remark...TIN FOIL?!?!?! I could break fin foil just by blowing on it, but whatever. lol, 'made completly of tin foil'...
2:15 am | January 17, 2003
This fan fic was a bit *yawn* tedious to read, but i give you major props for writing this. You have great observational skills, and you are very discriptive. Keep it up.
10:57 pm | January 16, 2003
uh, I'm pretty sure they are atatched at the same place warthogs are. if you watch the opening cinematic, you can see a tank backing-up to be attached to a Pelican.
Traumatised Marine
10:12 pm | January 16, 2003
Hey, wonderful!
Finally some real grit on the Halo vehicles that Bungie didn't put in the Instruction Manual.

OK smart guy, this is the one I want to know:

"How the bloody hell do the Pelicans transport the Scorpions, and if they don't how the hell did a Scorpion just appear next to a crashed Pelican on AotCR?"

Huh? Huh??
9:49 pm | January 16, 2003
Neile! Neile! Neile! Neile! Neile! Neile!

Hey, haven't seen you around in a bit. These specs are great. Are they of your own creation, did you use anything as source material?

Too many questions, anyway keep them coming.

Maybe we will say look at the "Neile's" book some day instead of "Jane's".
Alex Ross
9:47 pm | January 16, 2003
I like that idea! Good job. You should do that for covenant craft, perhaps give us an idea of how the craft work and what they are capabable of. It be'd cool if you created some craft that could possibly be "borrowed" for other fan fic writers! Your copyright of course. lol