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7:16 am | November 12, 2002
Post under whatever name you want. Your own name is fine. I have a hard time believing it your real name, that is the point I'm trying to make. Seems that a few authors were posting under false names -- names they never intended to use in future stories. It's the never posting another story under that name that bothers me.

I now see that you have posted another story under your name "Neile Pederson" so you obviously do not fall into the above category. BTW, I let Louis know that the comments are broken on your new story so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Anyway, it really does not matter what I think about this I guess. If you feel obligated, you can convince me that it is your real name if you explain your relationship to Kent.

Anyway, keep up the writing.

Neco Divad
6:31 pm | November 11, 2002
What's with authers these days. They get mad, apologise, pass it on. Next thing you know, Infernal is going to stop writing. And then the High Elve...ah never mind. It's almost spontainious. I have to force my self not to say...it. I need more sleep. And a life.
the author
6:58 am | November 11, 2002
sorry, that last message was misdirected rage. i know you apologized and that you liked the story. it was just a bad day and i truly meant no harm in lacing into you like that. again, i apologize.
Neco Divad
4:54 pm | November 10, 2002
I said I was sorry about flaming you. In those words even. I also said it was a good story. I was angry at the time and took it out on you. I said I was sorry. I do use spell-check. It doesn't work all the time for some reason though. Once again, it was a good story.
the author
6:54 am | November 9, 2002
and Neco Divad, before you complain to me about minor technicallities like the MC not having emotions, take an objective look at your own writing. you quite obviously need to utilize spell check and/or a proof-reader. further, as an engineering major in college, i have neither the time nor the inclination to sit down and read every bit of fan fiction that is posted. thus, i may not be as well informed as you are about the small deatils that other fans MADE UP! unless the bit about the MC not feeling emotions is a licensed fact from Bungie, i will not take it as biblical truth, but will take it into consideration when producing my next piece. and yes, i will post another one soon.
the author
5:55 am | November 8, 2002
why should i post under a pen name? what's wrong with using my own name? it's seemed to work out well so far in my life?
Master of the halos
11:15 pm | November 1, 2002
Man I still suck
5:42 am | October 30, 2002
I wish this writer (who does seem to have talent) would post stories under a real pen name/alias sometime.

If this makes any sense at all. Posting under different names each time really takes away from the ethics behind the writer. Makes me think the writer never has the intention of writing more chapters to the story. Some stories don't go more than one chapter, but seriously, some stories need more than one chapter.

Do us all a favor and show your talent by writing a series under a real alias, one that you intend on keeping for a while.

Hope to see more from you. Some original subjects would be really cool also.

Neco Divad
2:51 pm | October 28, 2002
Sorry about flaming you. I was angry because my mom wants me to go to a school over here but still homeschool me on the weekends. It was actually a good story.
Neco Divad
8:37 am | October 28, 2002
I write all my stories on Legendary. Also, the Master Chief is emossionless when he fights. He gets no pleasure from killing Covies. It says so in the Fall of Reach. The humans on the other hand...well, that's why I'm writing my story about a soldier. My other story. Not the Elite one. Sorry, I just notice these things. It realy annoys people. The good parts were that you figured out that the Grunts are actually hard to kill. It takes several shots to finnaly kill one. Many stories don't do that. They claim that a Grunt dies with one shot from anything for some reason.
Master of the Halos
8:30 pm | October 27, 2002
Man I suck
7:12 pm | October 27, 2002
You really do remind me of someone named Jeremy...