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10:52 pm | January 28, 2002
I have to qualify my statement, "Write as you feel inspired". Do so, but keep it consistent! You already mentioned a concern about this in your post below. Good! Another Rick Berman we do not need! ::shudder::
10:45 pm | January 28, 2002
I agree with Vector. Let us worry about the monotony. You just write!Believe me, if I had talent like you have shown in your first installment, I would be busy continuing what you have started - with your permission of course. ;)One other thing, don't feel pressured to provide action. Write as you feel inspired.Cool! Standing by.Michael
1:52 am | January 27, 2002
:) If we thought that sort of thing was monotonous, we'd neither be playing this game still nor reading/writing fan fiction.
PCD (the author)
11:55 pm | January 25, 2002
I have had some poetry and short stories published... but that was a few years ago in High School.I think the background with Chrichton (Jurassic Park, Terminal Man, Great Train Robbery...etc.), has given me most of my inspiration for technical writing. Granted though, I have hardly the depth of knowledge that is posessed by the likes of Chrichton and Douglas Preston (The Relic). Their educational backgrounds as well as that of Mr. Nyland (Nylund?), give them a substantial leg-up with the pure information provided within various passages in their books... between the action sequences.I have never written a "book" style fiction such as the one posted here... In most of my short stories there was nary a spoken word to be seen... they have all been done in the classical "spooky" first or third person perspective. I say spooky, because the use of someone there but describing it as if they weren't... just puts a whole lot of emphasis on the main storyline and the carriage that takes the reader from paragraph to paragraph.I have a 2nd installment in the works... with a slight bit of action for those craving it... but it does follow along with my original plot line. However, I am reluctant to proceed if not for the sheer monotony of the entire work...If I write any further, it will almost become a re-hash of what has already been produced within the pages of FoR. This is undoubtedly due to the repetition of training processes and the battles against massive Covenant forces... if my tale should take such a path.Besides the cloning process, there may in fact be very little new to consider. However, new technology and tactics may be introduced in staving off the covenant forces as they impede upon the Earth System... The only problem with that theory of evolved tactics and weapons... is the fact that not much time has passed since the "Halo" incident and the FoR. It makes one wonder what kind of new developments could take place in such a short period of time.Well, I am just rambling with ideas... anyone can feel free to take any part of this post and use it to form a story... as long as you don't pick up where I left off too much... I mean, for the sake of continuity and such.
8:32 pm | January 25, 2002
wow, that's really good, you have talent, ever been published? if not, you should consider it. i would definitely buy anything of this caliber, especially with it being based in the world of Halo.
10:45 pm | January 20, 2002
This is great stuff!!!! I just got to it last night and was wishing there was more, much more. You provide some very intriguing threads for potential Halo sequels etc. Please continue! As Vector 40 observed, it is pleasantly lacking in gratuitous gore and violence - if I want that, I will play games or watch Arnie. ;) I should add that this was my biggest criticism of the book. Too much action, not enough development of the technology, ideas, and philosophy.So, bring it on! I will be watching for the next installment!Michael
2:37 pm | January 15, 2002
Thanks...and I am to... heh
1:20 am | January 15, 2002

Hey! You there!

What do you think you're doing? Publishing good fan fiction? Shame!

Worse! Publishing fan fiction without loads of gratuitous gore and poorly depicted violence! The nerve!

:) Just kidding. Good work here, mate - anxious to see where this might go.