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Comments for 'A Comedy of Peace'

5:30 am | January 11, 2003

Good work man!
8:54 pm | July 28, 2002
A days of our lives Halo style.
4:51 am | April 27, 2002
funny story, funniest fan fic i've read so far
11:04 am | April 25, 2002
A-ha-ha. I like it. Reminds me of a sitcom. Keep it up.
1:15 am | April 24, 2002
haha... part two is on the way... if louis doesn't lose it like the first one! (no biggie louis!)
11:47 am | April 23, 2002

Couldn't resist -

- awesome stuff -

- keep it up :)


11:11 am | April 23, 2002
I love it...so if you dont make more i'll came get YOU!! (and i'll bring my pet flood)!
7:17 am | April 23, 2002
Dude, you gotta make a series out of this.Put something in like the go to "New Vegas" or something.But yeah some funny-ass crap you got here!
2:20 am | April 23, 2002
bar fight maybe? maybe next time i'm tired as a dog and should do my homework instead i'll think something up. hey... that sounds like me right now:P g'night people. thanks for the show of appreciation!
2:08 am | April 23, 2002
it was truly funny, really. You gotta try and explain how the two of them hooked up though, I wanna see where it all goes from that idea. I think it's hilarious
1:17 am | April 23, 2002
O_o that was a lot more response than i expected. i'll keep on trying, whenever i get a free moment (not very easy when i'm still trying to beat halo on normal :P)never expected 15 minutes of work would get this great a response
1:12 am | April 23, 2002
this is awesomethis has some really good twistsI love itDefinately make some more
Mr. Bill
10:35 pm | April 22, 2002
Hehe, thats the first, and best, fan fic I've read in many a time.
10:17 pm | April 22, 2002
funny. make more.really.
9:14 pm | April 22, 2002
That's really funny, I havent read anything that funny in a long time.
8:33 pm | April 22, 2002
LMAO! this is a great twist from the normal fan fic, keep it up, i'd love to read more.
7:37 pm | April 22, 2002
Heh... great story