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Comments for 'Whisky, Cigars and Secret Military Projects [Part I]'

CoLd BlooDed
2:20 am | July 16, 2004
Yeah, but hah, I'm 13.

But really, there's a lot of young blood out on HBO today... unfortunately, only some of that blood turns out to be good.
CoLd BlooDed
11:45 am | July 15, 2004
I only say "huzzah", bastard.

Hey, I noticed something back on the forums, we have the same birthday!
Nick Kang
10:23 am | July 15, 2004
If only I was six days older I would have the same birthday as you guys. But Resident Evil: Apocalypse does come out the day after my birthday... :)

5:36 am | July 15, 2004
When did you say huzzah?

8:13 pm | July 14, 2004
And I'm starting another new series next update, one that I have been focused on for weeks! huzzah!


P.S This series will now be continued. When, is now the question.
MC's Cousin
7:30 pm | July 14, 2004
Nice, pretty nice. It's good to have another good writer starting a new series. Now I have more to look forward to than the text equivalent of rations!
I like it so far. You could go places with the storyline you set up. And like others in here have commented, Ackerson is one dirty son of a bitch, and so its fun to play with him in a story. And ohhhhh, technology, I love that stuff.

Signing Off

7:15 pm | July 14, 2004
Thanks Cold, that really means something to me. There isn't a prologue at the moment, but maybe i should write one?
CoLd BlooDed
6:07 pm | July 14, 2004
Cool, just had time to read, and I figured I'd read yours.

I feel that your descriptions were good, and you developed the characters that you've introduced so far well. But I think you could've provided a little more background to what's happening.

Was there a prologue? Oh, well, thanks for the excellent read, Opening, keep it up.
4:39 pm | July 14, 2004
Thanks Nick, russ and void for the comments. This series will probably be continued, but i am concentrating on a different series at the moment. Read the first comment in this section and you'll understand.
Nick Kang
4:30 pm | July 14, 2004
lol, I can picture the scene from Terminaor when they're in the cars having a shootout down the highway, replaced with Halo characters!

MC rockets down the highway in his warthog, the lady sitting in the passenger seat. Looking into the 'hog's rearview mirror, MC suddenly realizes that Ackerson is giving chase in a Covenant shadow! Taking out his shotgun, MC continuously fires shells into Ackerson, but the explosive blasts do nothing but rip away skin, revealing a titanium alloy metal chassey.

Pretty cool story, love the Ackerson-ness.

7:53 pm | July 13, 2004
Ackerson is like the bad-guy on the good-guy side. He wants to destroy the Covenant but won't let anything on his own side get in the way. I bet you that he'll be on the UN council someday, leading humans on their endeavors...
7:10 pm | July 13, 2004
He's like the Terminater in the first terminater movie. He just won't die. Anywho, Excellent us of the code, You got me hooked blah blah blah, basiclly what russ said.
6:52 pm | July 13, 2004
I find Ackerson to be a great 'bad guy'
6:39 pm | July 13, 2004
This seemed like an action story mixed with a comedy story. Want some cigars? Whiskey? Some special 'cigars' I wrapped myself...?

But you kept me reading and I'm curious to see what the technology is. Also, is Ackerson everywhere? Seems like a few stories are coming out with Ackerson mixed in the plot. Maybe he's like Johnson in Halo; you can kill him but he's always with you the next time...
2:15 pm | July 13, 2004
This series will only be continued, depending on comments! It was somthing I wrote on the spur of the moment and took me thirty minutes to write.
My new full series, will be coming soon!