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MC's Cousin
12:09 am | June 21, 2004
Acting like little children does not further your standings here. Actually, it makes you look like what you are acting like. I, and others, look down upon this behavior, as it goes to give HBO a bad rep.
Here's a wonderful idea: pull the cork out of your asses and let your shit come out where it is supposed to, not from you mouth. Try to sound a bit more mature, and show some couth guys.

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12:03 am | June 21, 2004
not as good as your past work...I'm not impressed
6:25 pm | June 20, 2004
They lost asshole! They got blown to kingdom-come at the end. They won the first battle thanks to some tactical brillance. Anyway why don't you write a better fan fic?
5:40 pm | June 20, 2004
Total Bullshit, suicide soldiers,happy suicide soldiers!? 11 rickety dinky little ships against the huge alien armada? And they just sort of automatically win? Thats propoganda squared, youve actually elevated bullshit to a whole new level!

Theres no way youd get volenteers for something like that. This was so poorley written and unbelievable that it pissed me off when they won.
11:33 am | June 19, 2004
i reckon, you had a good idea going there. unlike MC's Cousin.

it looks like you've read one, if not a few of the novels. and i can see where your idea for the destruction of the covenant fleet came from. and its good, it makes sense. but beside that, you need to go into more depth on how it worked. otherwise people will be sceptical as to how the asteroids destroyed the ships.

you can say 'the asteroids made the purple ship thingy's explode cos they're real big and stuff'...
but it would be a lot more entertaining, and realistic if you were more descriptive.

sci fi, has a lot of loop holes that a writer can work with. even with a basic grasp in physics, chemistry... nerd stuff whatever. one of them is... as long as it makes sense.
doesn't even have to make sense from a physics, or scientific point of view, but if you can convince the reader that ... this happened, and this is why it happened. then that is all you need...

great idea. keep it up.


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MC's Cousin
7:37 pm | June 18, 2004
It was well written, I'll give you that much. But you made the combat pretty one sided there. You made the Covie ships WAY too easy to destroy.
One nuke wouldn't take out twenty some ships, even in an asteroid feild. And humans have only won when they out numbered Covies around three-to-one. Not the other way around and worse.
I do have a bog suggestion though. It looks like you have read one of the books. I suggest that you read all of them a couple times, and get your details down.
If that kind of thing had been addressed, this would have been a good space based combat story.

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3:48 pm | June 18, 2004
Extremly clean. I knew I was going to like it as soon as I saw how well formatted it is. Some of the entriies in this bunch, like Halo: CSI, Burnt my eyes. Not this one.