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Comments for 'To Survive VI'

Solidus Snake
5:00 am | June 19, 2004
HEY, JC, welcome back.
8:54 am | June 18, 2004
im back too lol...

check my site...www.h2ac.tk
8:40 am | June 18, 2004
To CoLd BlooDed, I'm sorry about it not being that exciting at the moment, but a lot needs to be explained.
8:13 am | June 18, 2004
Hey Wado, are you writing anything at the moment?
343 Salty Beans
4:10 am | June 18, 2004
Yeah, that definitely isn't MainEvent. He's nice, unless you don't use the code. Then he gets a little carried away. But not to the point where he calls you n00bs and tells you to f--- off. And he definitely doesn't speak in ebonics/technogeek jargon.

And Awacar, I'm glad to see that you hate twinkie too.

CoLd BlooDed
12:50 am | June 18, 2004
Pretty good, although I feel that you didn't describe the action well enough, and it didn't let me into the story, I had no idea where they were fighting or what the surroundings looked like. To me, it was all dialogue.

So yes, descriptions are good, stick to describing things; from a Marine's thoughts, expressions, stance, attitude, etcetera, to the appearance, location, etc of the surroundings.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that Infection Forms don't put the "serum" into the victim's system until the victim is passed out, or something. Like in Halo: The Flood, Keye's passes out because of the pain, then when he wakes up he describes that he feels something in his system... that's my belief.

Anyways, good job, just fix those things up.

P.S - Welcome back Wado!
12:00 am | June 18, 2004
I have returned...
Nick Kang
8:09 pm | June 17, 2004
It's colonel.
1.) He believes in doing anything and sacrificing anyone to make a weapon capable of fighting the Covenant.

2.) He also may have secret 'ties' to the Covies.

3.) He is Dr. Halsey's enemy.

4.) He may be making SPARTAN-III's.

5.) He kept secret records of the S-II's in the underground base on REACH.

6.) He is making (made?) some kind of 'super weapon', as stated in First Strike.

7:50 pm | June 17, 2004
too anyone who has the Halo books, post all the information fromt he books on major ackerson or is it colonel. I really appreciate it.

7:42 am | June 17, 2004
You Serious?
1:46 am | June 17, 2004
the survive series is some HARDCORE s--t

u gotta consider becoming an author
8:58 pm | June 16, 2004
Not bad, keep it up...
8:47 pm | June 16, 2004
If that's Mainevent I'm twinkie showered in blue paint while runing around and act as a monkey.
8:47 pm | June 16, 2004
Looks like Black Knight is a little pissed
Gold Elite
8:02 pm | June 16, 2004
It isn't. He dosen't talk like that.
6:57 pm | June 16, 2004
I don't think that's Mainevent...
5:49 pm | June 16, 2004
Look at the comment below me. Thats really messed up. The story was fun and great. Keep it up.
4:26 pm | June 16, 2004
i is ultimate hax0r and i will fuck wit ur St0ry u mother focker.... btw my homeworlds series is better then everone elses shit, you are all noobs except meh.....the cock sucker
1:05 pm | June 16, 2004
I think they inject serum to paralyze you...like spider venom or something
6:38 am | June 16, 2004
All will be explained....
Nick Kang
12:57 am | June 16, 2004
If 01 was just discovered, and Human forces just landed on it, how are Spartans, other than the Chief, on it? Or will that be explained later in the story? Overall, this story was still better than the first four, but not as good as the last. Keep it up. :D

Nick Kang
12:52 am | June 16, 2004
I haven't read the entire thing yet, but infection forms don't inject serum. They stab you with their tentacles and wriggle inside your body, where they move to your spine and rewrite your genetic makeup, making you mutate into a Combat Form and later a Carrier Form.