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Comments for 'To Survive III'

12:39 pm | June 12, 2004
Thanks Thesameanonymous. The hunters were killed easily because eight guys were pumping round after round of lead into their heads. I have a few twists planned. No I havn't finished the series yet and I have about forty parts planned!
11:49 am | June 12, 2004
That was one helluva mistake man and why the hell do the Hunters die so easily and why aren't there casualities for the marines. I know the first question will be answered later. This fanfic. is cool, another Halo mission that we read about in The Flood. I know you won't bore us, just include a few twists, a heckuva lota unexpected problems and I don't know? maybe the return of some terrifying enemy. I mean what I say okay. P.S how much parts and have you already finished the series yet.
7:39 am | June 10, 2004
My mistake!
Nick Kang
7:30 pm | June 9, 2004
Hunters have blue ARMOR, not skin. Notice their middle section and necks are orange.

6:38 am | June 7, 2004
Flesh means skin!
1:35 am | June 7, 2004
hunters dont have blue flesh, its orange