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Comments for 'To Survive I'

9:20 am | June 7, 2004
Eh? Not too shabby....quality is good, a coupla spelling and grammar mistakes here and there, but overall, better for a first try then alot of what I see.
6:09 am | June 6, 2004
Yeah guardian,MC didn't find out that much about Halo so it could have been mobile and about halo being fired, who said the flood hadn't been released? Anyways I think you're right about the destruction of earth and about the button.

I'll try and make the next one better!
A Nigga
4:10 am | June 6, 2004
You are a stupid fag
2:56 am | June 6, 2004
I think you mean M90 Shotgun. Anyhow the story is kinda ehem odd but it was really not half bad, better than all those other n00b fanfics, but why would a Forrunner's name be called Lincoln

*7.88/10* :P
4:57 pm | June 5, 2004
Interesting, hm....uh how do you move a HALO, a construct of such size. i mean for the Covenant to move it towards earth to get in the range of destroying earth. First of all, the HALO cannot be fired, unless the Flood has been released and in your fanfiction, it says the Covenant are moving the HALO to destroy it. 2) Earth won't be destroyed, it will become uninhabitable. and 3) Pressing one single button, seems way to simple to disable a construct of that magnitude.

anyways, the plot is good, and i liked the story just wanted to put some pointers out

1:21 am | June 5, 2004
Better than most, i enjoyed it. Good descriptions of action.
Joe Ehret
10:48 pm | June 4, 2004
Hey, good story but it is an M90 shotgun not an M60 (see last paragraph). But otherwise just check your grammer and write the next one
5:20 pm | June 4, 2004
Better than mine probably
343 Salty Beans
1:30 pm | June 4, 2004
If you type halo.bungie.org into the adress bar, the site still comes up.
9:09 am | June 4, 2004
1: This isn't a forum. That's the link under community that says "HBO Forum"

2: No, it isnt harder to type. Unless youre six years old.

3: why dosn't it have a WWW....? Because that's how Louis Wu did it.

Damn, n00berts everywhere....
oh, andd 8/10
9:00 am | June 4, 2004
9:00 am | June 4, 2004
why doesn't halo.org get a www.halo.org instead of http, it is harder to type in and more time consuming.

P.S. why doesn't this site have any user accounts when u post info, this is the first time I have done a forum!