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Comments for 'The Fall of Fate: Special Edition (Destiny-Freedom)'

5:39 pm | December 31, 2003
Lol, j/k about never posting a story again.
2:51 am | December 31, 2003
I liked it.

Hey big grenade what you gone do...
2:03 am | December 31, 2003
Nah, I think you may want to get that fixed. I mean, it's not that hard to blame it on someone else. When you blame it on yourself, people tend to believe you.

Without FoF, my life has less meaning. It still has meaning, of course, it's just that a small Halo-related part of me will die =P
1:43 am | December 31, 2003
Yea ya know, forgetting to press the shift key to capitalize a name, big mistake, man, I mean, it must be stress or something. Maybe I shouldn't write anymore, maybe I'll have to just let you guys figure out what happens to the cast of characters. :p
10:27 pm | December 30, 2003
Whoa. There are quite a few errors in this one.

"I watched on a view screen via our battle cameras, Your Excellency," the *elite* responded with his head lowered once more.

Wkehu 'Drrana stared in disbelief at the little *grunt* for several seconds.

"What do you mean, another invasion is in the works?" the *elite* inquired.

Grunts, *jackals*, and he even saw a few Hunters helping out with the heavier pieces, but those were the only species of Covenant he noticed.

I think you may be losing your touch :P
9:08 pm | December 30, 2003
sweet story
Blue Dude
8:08 pm | December 30, 2003
Whoa love your story.Its the best.With two main characters on both sides whoa its awesome great work.