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Comments for 'The Fall of Fate: Special Edition (Parts 3-6)'

3:11 pm | December 29, 2003
Hell yeah 'Drrana is a Bad-ass Mother! Next part planned a.s.a.p.

To Hawk, this series will not be killed for a long, long time. I'm gonna be here a while...
7:59 am | December 25, 2003
Also, 'Drrana would beat the MC with the coolness any day
7:48 am | December 25, 2003
Yup. I'm the FoF groupie. You kill the series, you kill me :P

When is the next part planned?
CoLd BlooDed
3:51 am | December 25, 2003
75%!!! Woah, I only think Elites are the same "coolness" as the MC.

Also, when Derek smacked 'Drrana in the face, don't you think it would have taken more times to hit him and knocked him out?

Just a queery now that i reread the story, but its still the score i gave before.
8:05 pm | December 24, 2003
Read the erlier version some time ago and I still like it.

Oh... and the elites are awesome, cool and smart speicies (exept when the AI fouls up). So try not to be so hard on them. They're (in my opinion) 75% cooler than spartans...
4:12 pm | December 24, 2003
Nooo! And I proofread it to, haha.

Hawk, you always were the most loyal to my series. Thanks to all.
6:17 am | December 24, 2003
Heheheh ;)

[indent["Any luck with the Spartan?" said one of the other marines.

I love the Fall of Fate series :)

5:17 am | December 24, 2003
Bah! You don't need no stinking elite as your main character.
3:04 am | December 24, 2003
The reason why thry didn't do that is because then they'd kill the main character ;)
2:37 am | December 24, 2003
Very good story.

I just don't see why they didn't simply get out, cover the back of the rock by throwing grenades at it and pumping shotguns shells into while the Pelican went around the back and pummeled him.

But hey, it's a story.

Keep it up, I want to find out what happens to Gregory.
CoLd BlooDed
7:34 pm | December 23, 2003
Great story, captivating and you brought your own way of action into it.

Love this series, read my last chapter of Fight for New Tatley if you have time. Keep it up. 10/10
Blue Dude
6:38 pm | December 23, 2003
Awesome story keep it up