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Comments for 'The Fall of Fate: Invasion, Part One'

10:12 pm | July 28, 2003
Thanks monitor101. Haven't seen you since...the very first installment. Welcome back!
9:25 pm | July 28, 2003
That was a pretty good read 'Nos really cool who cares about action thats mainly for battle hungry newbies pooman. 10/10
11:20 am | July 26, 2003
Yeah, thats true. But the Covenant seem to be somewhat arrogant, so I put him first. But I should have worded it the other way, I always forget to do that. Thanks for the comments!
Alex Sullivan
1:03 am | July 26, 2003
Very Good. It seems that you have read The Flood to get some of these names. Overall, very good.
CoLD BlooDed
10:35 pm | July 25, 2003
Kickass story man, this is the second Covenant perspective story ive read, the only mistake I found was what hawk pointed out, keep it up! 10/10
9:09 pm | July 25, 2003
"I and you could be executed." It should be: "You and I could be executed." The party always comes before yourself. That was the only thing I could find wrong on the first pass.
10/10 Keep up the ass-kicking work!
4:30 pm | July 25, 2003
As always, cool 10/10
4:17 pm | July 25, 2003
I know, its just the beginnning of the invasion. I was trying to create a sense of the oncoming attack.
2:26 pm | July 25, 2003
cool, it neeeded more action and was to short......10/10
12:32 pm | July 25, 2003
Even though it says part one in the title, it means its part on of the invasion, not of the series(abviously). This is still part of the Fall of Fate series. ;^)