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Comments for 'The Fall of Fate: Grunter'

10:30 pm | June 19, 2003
at camp, hope I can write the next one when I get back :(
3:39 pm | June 17, 2003
5:47 pm | June 16, 2003
Did anyone else read my story? This is like, one of the most important episodes in the series.
2:02 pm | June 16, 2003
Actually, scope made a request for a grunt to become a prisoner, my bad for yet another confusion! ^_^
Wiley K.
1:19 am | June 16, 2003
scope the Grunt, lol
Great 9/10
1:37 pm | June 15, 2003
I'm kinda just realizing this now...but to anyone who's confused, this is part of a series and I never really put that in the title except for the subtitles like 'Aftermath' and
'Grunter'. Sorry for the inconveiences to anyone who thinks this is the first in the series, its actually the sixth.