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Comments for 'Pillar of Autumn'

7:21 am | May 31, 2002
Better than Aftermath, Awsome!! I couldnt writte it better my self.But seriusly: I dont like that thing, whit the door and the sensor, also, I like the MC better in Aftermath
Disembodied Soul
7:14 pm | May 29, 2002
Not that your approval is required to submit. The HaloFFP writers are not your employees. By the nature of the project, you owe more to them than they to you
2:02 pm | May 29, 2002
*ahem* I'd like to stress that was a completely un-edited, un-revised version of a story, and was sent to HBO without my approval. You can expect far better from anything final.
10:03 am | May 29, 2002
Ditto. The best beginning of a story yet. Minor mistakes on story, but good indeed. Keep writing, please.
9:25 pm | May 28, 2002
Ya i noticed some things too but i have to say this one. It's Ensign Lovell not Lieutenant. I liked this a lot. I could never write anything that good, yet. Good Job
9:12 pm | May 28, 2002
Oh, your right. Crap.
4:17 pm | May 28, 2002
Wow. All I can say. (I accidentally made a post for your story on a different story. X.x) Anyway, this was excellent by far. Just one thing... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't your "Lieutenant Johnson" suppose to be a Seargent?
4:14 pm | May 28, 2002
I like it. I noticed a few things, but they're too long (and somewhat unrelated to this particular story) to be useful here. Check out the HALOFFP (Nick) for the rest.