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Comments for 'Halo: Aftermath - Prologue'

7:48 pm | May 15, 2002
No worries on that, SplatterCris. I plan to give John-117 a more "down to earth" feeling. Unlike most stories where he is the ultimate of everything, this Master Chief can lose to Elites and does get frightened. About talking about the Covenant more, I have already planned on that. In fact, my fanifc will possess the unique feature of the so called "God View". Basically I am going to not only let you know what MC is thinking, but Covenant troops as well. ..For those of you who enjoy anime cartoons with fighting and the like, be ready for my next chapter.
3:30 pm | May 15, 2002
Amazing writting, really good. The writting is not so hard to understand and not too boring to read.An advice, think on what your writting. Dont write something like an Elit, holding the location of the second Halo is going down to a black hole, and the MC is rescueing him in the last minute, by going down by himself and pick him up. By the way, try to tell the readers more about the Covenant. Keep up the good work!!
11:00 am | May 15, 2002
Thanks for the advise. I have already planned on introducing some extra technology (known only to those who used to read a old version) and some stuff even they did not know about. What I am doing with the story is a rewrite of the whole thing, beginning to what ever ending may come. Why? Because the quality of the older version was not to good. It was moving to slowly and was sketchy. Plus, alot of the stuff was still unclear to the reader so I am trying to work harder on going a proper visual of what is going on and who is speaking. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to speak. I will respond to the best of my ability without giving away the future of Halo: Aftermath.
really good keep on writing
8:00 pm | May 14, 2002
That was really good. I just what one thing if you keep on going with the story-New Technology I love that shit, like hyper drive and better guns and all that stuff anyway it was good, keep it up