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Comments for 'Halo Zero Part 3 - The Grunt Alliance'

nicholas [author]
8:57 am | February 1, 2003
o yea, i submitted part 4. cortana's clone. nice some nice info in that and one hell of a cliffhanger
nicholas [author]
8:55 am | February 1, 2003
2:21 am | February 1, 2003
I should probably read this series, because you make it sound like it deserves more attention then it gets. Good luck on your fan fics to come
nicholas [author]
1:52 pm | January 31, 2003
well, there's a few horrible surprises involving Cortana in part 4. and the story is gonna get really exciting, there's some stuff u really won't expect. i'll start adding previews of future chapters.
also, remember the bit in part 1 that says "there's more dust that could join halo zero" or something? well, that dust doesn't join halo zero. i can tell you that there will be more than one halo, and the true reason for them will be uncovered.
5:19 am | January 31, 2003
I wonder how the next part will turn out...
the chief might end up like bond in die another day.