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Comments for 'Halo Zero 2 / p9 / Lost Cause?'

1:52 pm | December 29, 2003
Alpha Lance, tell me what you mean exactly, eg. what fan-fic you're thinking of here.

Ah, BBCode... Sorta. Thanks.
6:56 am | December 29, 2003
Last post was from me.
6:51 am | December 29, 2003
*Sigh* Dosnt anybody read the link Louis Wu made that says in big blue letters READ THIS? Guess not.

He's talking about puesucode (or however you spell it). With it you can do certain things with the text that wouldn't normally show up in the story. For example, if you want to indent your paragraphs you would put [indent] where the paragraph begins, or you could make certain words bolt to emphasize there point by putting [b]word[/b], and so on. Just read the link that says READ THIS.
Alpha Lance
9:56 pm | December 28, 2003
You mean you don't remember:

4:50 PM | November 1, 2003
And that was proof I DO still exist!

4:50 PM | November 1, 2003
Stop writing. FOREVER. Just stop.

What was your deal?
8:48 pm | December 28, 2003
Indention? How, what, where? And watch what I say? What do you mean by that?

What code?


Sorry, most of the stuff their was still from July / August. I just finished the chapter to get it going. But, I need feedback on this before I write part 10.
CoLd BlooDed
12:31 pm | December 28, 2003
I don't like reading stories that don't use the code....but this one was mediocre.
Alpha Lance
12:09 pm | December 28, 2003
Whoa....use proper indention next time and then I'll read it. And also watch what you say too.
1:36 am | December 28, 2003
It kinda seemed like a Soap Opera.

I had trouble picturing it in my mind . . .

That's all I'll say.
8:48 pm | December 27, 2003
I'm back guys!