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Comments for 'the maw'

A.P.N JJiggssaw
12:51 pm | March 22, 2004
Not bad. It lacks emotion, and it doesn't tell much of a story, and you need to keep approximately the same number of syllables per line-otherwise the rhyming sounds sketchy. All in all not bad, keep trying, etc. etc. Pretty good.
2:15 am | March 22, 2004
I liked it a lot , keep up the good work
10:57 pm | March 21, 2004
frickin pimp is what i gotta say
i thought it was great :D
12:54 pm | March 21, 2004
Thomas Harper
12:53 pm | March 21, 2004
when u write a powm try to only have about 3 or maybe five sentences to a paragraph. and try spacing it out to HAVE paragraphs. it was pretty good. not great but ok.