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Comments for 'untitled halo poem'

4:14 am | March 23, 2004
one word...sweet....
4:18 pm | March 21, 2004
I am impressed, very impressed, nice job!
The Collector
10:32 am | March 21, 2004
Very good a rhyme trap there but ull get the hang off it. Very vivid visuals for such a small 'epic'
10:14 am | March 21, 2004
thanks for all yuor comments guys, there are more poems ive submitted around here somewhere....
1:29 am | March 21, 2004
holy shit this is kool. I am suprised no one took credit for this
1:07 am | March 21, 2004
Hmm. If this is your first submission, I'll go easy. And, since I'm not much of a poem guy, I'll just give my general thought.

It wasn't that bad. You got caught in a rhyme trap, but that's forgiveable. Plus, please use proper punctuation next time.

Overall, it's not that terrible.