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Comments for 'the jackal brothers:episode 1'

CoLd BlooDed
6:24 am | January 24, 2004
Its literally one big ass sentence...
12:00 pm | January 18, 2004
Holy Crap. How old are you exactly?
5:53 am | January 18, 2004
What the hell is this?
5:24 am | January 18, 2004
There are like 50 comas in one sentence!
5:21 am | January 18, 2004
Free the grunts, oh, wait, i mean, you suck dude!!!! Go with da flow! Whatever that means!
Alpha Lance
5:08 am | January 18, 2004
9:22 pm | January 17, 2004
Uuhhh... *feels like somebody throwed ice-cold water on me*

read the criteria that Louis put up, and try to follow the advises given, check other stories out and see what they do good, and copy that. Then people can start to critisize your work properly, but until that, please do something else. Comply, or get the HBO:ers very angry.

Sorry, but it looks like the author have a lack of common sense. Please, Please change this way of writing.
6:29 pm | January 17, 2004
I thought Louis posted criteria for stories in the last batch.

This one defies all of them...