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Comments for '.halo 8: Forgotten Realms (Series Finale)'

7:46 pm | June 28, 2003
Halo Pro, this is very late and you will probably not read this, but I am working on the SEQUEL:

.halo: GENERATION. I won't expose any of the ideas and secrets behind it, so you'll have to wait.

Halo Pro
5:06 pm | June 16, 2003
What is your next idea insead of .halo Neo//hack?
10:55 pm | June 12, 2003
cool ending, I liked this series: 9.5/10
10:42 pm | June 12, 2003
Okay, sorry for the lack of descriptions.

Scope, it's gottan end sooner or later. I can't go on forever.

Wiley, sorry about that. I suppose they do all die since the program is destroyed since they were inside during the destruction.
I like ending series with all the main characters eventually dying in one way or another in order to save the universe.

Wiley K.
3:39 pm | June 12, 2003
What, did they all die? I'm confused. 9.5/10
1:24 am | June 12, 2003
9.5/10 I like magic
1:24 am | June 12, 2003
Wait nooo dont end it.