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8:24 pm | June 13, 2003
The closet thing I watch to anime is the Animatrix...
Halo Pro
12:34 am | June 12, 2003
The anime shows I like are the ones that Neo//hack likes and Inuyasha,Love Hina,Trigun,Fushigi Yugi,El Hazard,and The Slayers.
9:57 pm | June 10, 2003
Rurouni Kenshin isn't bad, but it is getting better. I've never seen the other ones you've mentioned. I do watch .hack//SIGN (As you probably figured) and I checked out Kikaider on Adult Swim. It's not bad.

Wiley K.
7:59 pm | June 10, 2003
I like watching anime movies. My favorites are Escaflowne, Spriggan, Ghost in the Shell, and Princess Mononoke. My favorite series are Rah-Xephan, Cowboy Bebop, and Reign: The Conqurer. Rouroni Kenshin is a pretty good show too.
10:42 pm | June 9, 2003
Halo pro, I watch only a little anime. .hack is, in fact, my favorite, but DBZ is also one of them. Rurouni Kenshin is okay, Yu Yu Hakusho is great, and Cowboy Bebop is awesome.

Halo Pro
7:08 pm | June 9, 2003
50% Halo and 50% .hack.
Halo Pro
6:59 pm | June 9, 2003
Instead of .hack what are your favorate anime show (because I'm not just a Halo fan I'm also an anime fan.
10:03 pm | June 8, 2003
Steele, Wiley is right about this one. The program has certain boundaries that don't allow them to do what they want. Besides, the only real way to destroy the program is to insert the virus program. I sent in .halo 5: Insertion, and .halo 6: Fall of Irvine. Those two chapters should answer a few more questions, but that depends on what questions you're asking.

Scope, thanks.

Wiley, thanks for the comment.

Ishkabibbl, all the ships are from the U.S. basically because the U.S. is the only country that gets involved. Several crewmen are from other countries, however.

9:27 pm | June 8, 2003
Why are all the ships from the United States?
8:47 pm | June 8, 2003
Wiley K.
8:47 pm | June 8, 2003
It would be pretty funny if they get Modded by some crewmember.
8:11 pm | June 8, 2003
When are they going to realize they're in a computer and can do whatever they want.