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Comments for 'PERSONAL DATA DIARY 10.10.219303.05'

The NEW Zak
11:20 am | June 28, 2004
yeah, Data Diaries do bite.
1:48 am | June 16, 2004
What can you expect; it WAS a more than a year before Halo came out. It's obvious there wasn't as much detail about it as there is now.
Nick Kang
10:39 pm | April 9, 2004
I'm sure it is the title. Mst people absolutley loathe the Data Diary series. Cause it sucks.
CoLd BlooDed
4:03 am | November 18, 2003
no one read this story? maybe its the title....
9:09 pm | August 25, 2003
yet again hawk wassuppppppppp?
i dont know
12:52 am | August 5, 2003
it is sad
10:28 pm | August 1, 2003
First to post in three years. That is just sad.