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Comments for 'Casualties of War Part 1'

vector40, Daemon of Fan Fiction
10:59 pm | January 24, 2002

Nice work! Not bad at all. Thou scribbleth with much goodness, fair bard.

Just a thought. You know, you should consider indenting your paragraphs - that helps break things up nicely and increases readibility. In fact, you can do anything, pretty much, that your word processor can handle - don't worry about the HTML, Louis codes it all. Eheheh... sorry, Louis :)

Anyway, keep it up. Oh, 1984 was a book by George Orwell, a sort of depressing future-tale where... well, it's complicated, but I'm not entirely sure where Swift saw the connection... oh well. Never mind.

Keep it up, yah? Curious to see how this turns into a Halo story.


9:56 pm | January 24, 2002
1984? i never even heard of that! lol.*hits himself in the head* thanks a lot for commenting... it makes me all tingly and warm inside when people do that. j/k. but thanks
8:06 pm | January 24, 2002
Good start. I just read "1984" and I see a lot of similarites between the two. Is this as you planed it? good job!
tom murphy
4:45 pm | January 24, 2002
tom, this shit is horrible? who taught you how to write? ur sped brother? geez this sux! never come here again u untalented piece of ....... um... i got nothin