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4:19 pm | April 24, 2004
...Or not.
4:28 pm | September 1, 2003
Hey, this can be like a hidden forum!
Mr. Bill
3:44 am | March 2, 2003
I check periodically.
1:36 pm | March 1, 2003
Peek-a-I don't think this is working any more...

Nice story, I wonder if you will evr check this post again???
Mr. Bill
12:44 pm | February 12, 2003
Seems like it's been a while since this one's been read... kind of a shame- but it makes sense. You have to read Gordi's for this to make any sense. :-)
4:42 pm | October 17, 2001
Oh do i wish they'd publish the halo bible once its out, just imagine a massive coherrent fictional universe, thats the most anying thing about working in someone elses universe, you can very easily slip up and step on someones toes. That would be an interesting project that CrystyPyro suggested, i'd be up for a collaberation (I'm not sure if any of you have read my baby "Black Ops", at BG:H, but generally im a big fan of halo fiction and try to read as much as I can of new fanfiction)A cross website collaberation would be a good testament to the halo community, spread across several sites like Matts updates. Plus I'd need the proof reading (don't I vector!), hell this is probably litered with mistakes too, how I got an A in english is a real mystery!College is abit heavy but is someone with more time wants to organise something give you can catch me an anthonyp@vulcantech.co.ukGunship- Possible member of the halo writers guild
4:15 am | October 17, 2001
more Fan fic YAY...this is almost like an idea i had from long ago.i contacted several autors of fan fiction and asked them if they could cooperate and make a combined storie where both sides meet in the end. ea you get to view the battle of halo from both perspective.hoo btw good work on the fanfic was good reading it.
Jester (joy)
5:51 pm | October 16, 2001
Monkey see, monkey do. :-)Now this is getting really interesting. I guess I find this detailed back-story much more interesting that all those "day in the life of a bad-ass marine/cyborg" short stories. Good job Bill! This story, of itself, is excellent. But I am even more impressed by your ability to mimic Gordi's style while expanding on his universe. These backstory chapters are flowing together extremely well. (I guess imitation is the best form of flattery, cause it means I get more fan fic.)But will Gordi and Bill be in competition? Will there be inconsistencies between the two authors? Will these two affect "The Fall of Reach" sales? Only time will tell, I guess.