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1:39 am | May 6, 2004
gah, mispelled Transit in the last line...
1:35 am | May 6, 2004
Ah. the North American coutnry that succeeds in NOT pissing off the world. Good to know one of its citizens.

Well, I feel like writing. Maybe I'll be posting around. Sic Trnsit Gloria HBO!
Mr. Bill
2:04 am | May 2, 2004

Jack of all trades so to speak.
4:06 pm | April 24, 2004
Well, by the present day, I am a 15 year old sophomore somewhere in upstate New York.(So no, I wasn't there for 9/11)

My friends started calling themselves the Future Dictators of America. Originally, it was the Future Evil Dictators of America. Since the original four of us gathered, our numbers have grown to somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen ppeople. It's mostly forgotten now..like so many other things.

Academically, I'm somewhere in the top 90% of America's youth, supposedly. Two years advanced in math, doubled science courses to the point where I've been taking my first AP course this year, and am likely to take five next year in various subjects. I have hopes of going to some top tech schools like MIT or Caltech, but it's just a dream in my eyes.

Writing wise, I have yet to submit material to HBO but I'm getting closer. I have some ideas that may find their way into writing...but essentially, no. I have not written Halo fanfition or anything else as such. If Zenith were to rise, though, I most assuredly would.

So that's who I am. Who are you? (Should you ever find this post.)

Mr. Bill
7:46 am | September 7, 2003
Dude... Who ARE you?
4:48 pm | September 1, 2003
Yes I do, I'm supposed to be on of the most profound members of the Future Dictators of America!

O-O; I never EVER said that...
Mr. Bill
3:40 am | March 2, 2003
You don't have to.
2:21 pm | March 1, 2003
I don't get it.
Mr. Bill
5:10 pm | November 8, 2002
I'm gonna be busy with Zenith work for a while...
Silent Giant
12:36 pm | November 4, 2002
I like the introduction. It is really kind of a spooky attention grabber. Good story keep it up.
Mr. Bill
6:49 pm | November 2, 2002
Ha! Good point on the black ships...
3:38 pm | November 2, 2002
Good, but kind of depressing. I couldn't really see the point Mr. Bill was trying to make.
Mr. Bill
12:20 pm | November 2, 2002
Glad to hear it. lI'm considering expanding upon this concept... Ghost ships...
Neco Divad
11:30 am | November 2, 2002
Actualy they aren't that hard to build. Just paint um' black and turn out the lights. Enemies can't see a thing. What did you think of my story?
Neco Divad
9:42 pm | November 1, 2002
Good story. Almost like a poim in a since. Reminds me of the last 5 minutes of the Matrix. Running, just about to get there when you get killed.