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Comments for 'Another (Part 2)'

Mr Bill
1:09 am | November 21, 2003
10:39 pm | November 20, 2003
Very cool.

Besides the Pelicans, what does this have to do with Halo?
Mr Bill
2:57 am | November 20, 2003
Well, naturally, that post was a mistake. That was supposed to be me talking to Steele.
2:55 am | November 20, 2003
Yes indeed you are correct. I just got tired of writing stories with annoying male leads.
2:33 am | November 20, 2003
Yeah, man, you can really write.

If I'm not mistaken the main character in Chance was a female also. Right?
Mr Bill
1:14 am | November 20, 2003

Thankyou once again for your comments during writing this, but I had an idea in mind- and that's the way it's gotta be.

11:05 pm | November 19, 2003
Yes, Mr. Bill is back.

Excellent story *tips hat*

I still think Tanya should not have surrendered though. ;)
Mr Bill
8:51 pm | November 19, 2003
Steve Ollet et al: No I have not been in the service, but I thank you for the flatterying replies.I will attempt to improve gramatical/spelling erros next time around.

Once more, thank you for your replies.
5:12 pm | November 19, 2003
There's a female lead in my fic too - the Chief is used for gratuitous sex . . . hmm.
Steve Ollett
3:15 pm | November 19, 2003
It's good to see that there is a female character taking the lead too, and not just there for gratuitious sexual inuendos. (Damn, just gave away the gist of the next installment of my 'Marooned' series!)
12:58 pm | November 19, 2003
I agree with Steve - just a few wee spelling mistake but the rest was marvellous. I liked how tanya stared into space instead of replying - nice touch.
Steve Ollett
12:49 pm | November 19, 2003
Another great piece, you really know what you are writing about - have you been in the services?

Only a couple of little niggley spelling/grammatical errors, but excellent otherwise.