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Comments for 'Halo: Stealth Combat Evolved: Part 0-Prologue'

2:27 pm | July 22, 2004
That was really good, the writing was on point. Nice use of details painted a good, clear picture. nOObs take notice, this is how you write a story.

anyway to the author, don't use the gadgets and code names from Splinter Cell, instead make up your own, this is Halo like 500 years later. You can do this while still maintaining that same kind of Splinter Cell feel.

12:03 pm | July 22, 2004
Not a bad story, i say, though i've never played Splinter Cell. Anyway...Coviekilla!! What a HORRID name. I don't think i like you...

Oh yes about the story-

12:00 pm | July 22, 2004
Good Job! ^.^ Keep it up...Waiting for the next part of the series...^.^

343 Salty Beans
6:27 am | July 22, 2004
Very nice. Very few mistakes, just the odd grammar or punctuation error. I also enjoy your detail, but you used the noun 'planet' a bit repetitively in the first few paragraphs. Use some other ones in the mix, like 'colony'. I find it helps stories run waaay smoother.

hunter(im not saying the rest here)
3:07 am | July 22, 2004
great story!keep it up
8:29 pm | July 21, 2004
I've had the first Splinter Cell for like a year now and I still havn't beaten it...stupid chinese embassy 2..how sad is that?

7:55 pm | July 21, 2004
Nice. Good blend of the two stories. I tell ya I'd never be able to do it. When I play Splinter Cell, I usually just get spotted, get very angery and go on a shooting spree and lose. So then I just go play Halo.
5:02 pm | July 21, 2004
Good story...Although I was a little mad that you stole my idea (even though you would have never known!). Well, I was planning on something very similar to this and I probobly will still write it. Anyway..Keep up the good work. 8.5/10.