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Comments for 'The Enemy Within-Chapter Thirteen: Blood Of The Wraith'

7:26 pm | July 19, 2004
I'm gald we're on good terms again. Phew, I thought I had lost a good reader.

10:30 pm | July 18, 2004
Alright, I suppose I can forgive you, lol. I definitely will continue reading this series, afterall any series that has flood has got to be at least halfway decent.:)
10:19 pm | July 18, 2004
*I stare on with wide eyes*

Sorry about the whole Grunt thing. I was trying to be sarcastic, but maybe it was not appropriate for the situation. I already have a Grunt powered arsenal ready for a coming chapter (don't worry, they DO die fighting, not running away. And it's already typed up, so, I won't change it). That is if you are not too distressed to keep with the series.

I'll stick with this: "Don't kill me!" *runs away*

7:46 pm | July 18, 2004
YOU CALL THAT AN HONORABLE DEATH!!!!??? Okay, just had to getthat out of my system before I went berserk. MAP the fact that the grunt was going to die was not what got me ticked, WHAT GOT ME TICKED WAS THE FACT THAT YOU LIED TO ME. Lvilop did not die an honorable, not by a long shot.

P.S. I'm not really angry(at least not too much), I,m just fustrated that you would have the grunt die that way. Your score 8.9/10
MC's Cousin
5:22 pm | July 18, 2004
Well, I'm a little disapointed MAP. There were a few more mistakes than usual in there. You might want to work on those.
Those lenghtened Elite designations were intersting. While I have never seen anything more than Ship and Field Master used in the books, it is still an interesting concept. Like specilization.
On the flip side of things, I did think the Elite/Grunt death was fairly good. A little horror aspect...maybe.

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