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Comments for 'The Enemy Within-Chapter Twelve: Flash Flood Warning'

12:50 am | July 18, 2004
Lol, no it's not that, it just that, well maybe it is that because this will be the second or third time you slaughtered err... I mean killed a main grunt character. Of course I am over reacting a little(probably a lot more though)but hey I've always supported the underdog.
12:12 am | July 18, 2004
Well, not to be too evil, it was kinda an honerable death...

...but I suppose you'll just have to wait till next update to find out. Maybe I need to go to therapy over my Obsessive Compulsive Grunt Killing Disorder...?

9:41 pm | July 17, 2004
Oh no, let me guess, the grunt dies. Well I guess a person can't have everything(starts crying).
4:48 pm | July 17, 2004
Lmao, Mastergrunt. Oops. Sorry, but I already typed up the next part and...well I don't want spoil anything but...

Don't kill me! *runs away*

12:07 am | July 17, 2004
I likie, however if you even consider killing that grunt I'll never forgive you.
9:41 pm | July 16, 2004
This is definitely one of the better series of HBO. Can't wait for the next part.
4:05 pm | July 16, 2004
I love this series. Like what MCC said, come back more often.
MC's Cousin
3:25 pm | July 16, 2004
Well, pretty good. Better than a lot of the stuff here nowadays. But you need to quit taking two-week breaks, we need all the good and great writers that we can get.
As for the story, I can see that more action is on its way. I'll be waiting to see what happens.

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