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Comments for 'The Enemy Within-Chapter Nine: The Light at the End of the Tunnel Turns Red'

4:33 pm | July 19, 2004
Friggin wicked mighty super yo diggity awesome!! Yea that's right. By the way, PoW, love sux!

Dammit Jenkins fire your weapon!!!
1:59 pm | May 28, 2004
Well, not too many comments, probably a second page effect. But from the few comments it sound like this story was taken as pretty good.
As for the Marines thing, from what I read in H:tF, aren't all the Marines on the PoA ODSTs? Hmm, I might have to check that.

8:40 pm | May 25, 2004

You like to pick on us girls don't you. Even though you must have it in for us I still thought this chapter rocks, it wasn't the best but I still liked it.

Love From,
MC's Cousin
1:24 pm | May 25, 2004
Ahh...you really like picking on them girls don't ya. Well, the chapters to come should be interesting. And I do agree with Vengeance that Hell will break loose, and it will be good. Oh yes, kinda like a return to Keyes without MC, only Marines. But...

Signing Off

11:56 am | May 21, 2004
Slight spoiler warning, but...

I just re-read Halo: The Flood, and noticed something important. For those who own the book, or have acess to it, first look on the bottom of pg. 177 and top of pg. 178. The Prophet is talking about powers being released. To me, this is obviously a reference to the release, or escape, of the first Flood forms. And to think I just now noticed this. More clues are on pages like 188.
Maybe more of you can get more out of this, but it was a nice story tid-bit for me.

9:38 pm | May 20, 2004
For one reason or another, I think that all hells gonna break loose if the Flood take control of that ship. Poor Covies, and poor Humans. Sweet story though.
10:33 pm | May 19, 2004
If it's any consolidation, I'm on the second page too.
12:43 pm | May 19, 2004
Well...I hope some people read this. Seeing as i'm way down here (not on the first page). So, I'll just sit bakc and wait for the influx of readers (phift...I wish)-all of course while playing grundle loads of Halo goodness.