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Comments for 'HALO II: The Ardan Landings Chapter 1'

1:54 am | February 16, 2002
I like the story. Hurry now and make the next one!
MaxThndr, formerly known as THE AUTHOR
10:59 pm | February 7, 2002
Thanx for the comments, and keep 'em coming (For this and further Chapters.) As for the questions/comments, about the Halo. They knew about the Halo because they were there before the Master Chief was, as told in Chapter II. As for why the Chief talks so much, I'll try to fix that in further chapters and/or revisions. Thanx again, and check out Chapters II and III (and also, IV, which I just submitted.) BTW, u can email me at Maxthndr@aol.com if you've got questions.
3:42 am | February 6, 2002
Good stuff, master cheif has a new personality though? but good very good....NO!!I willl not say that grrrrrCrap... ... ..RUN!!!
3:42 am | February 6, 2002
in the book Fall of Reach the spartan master cheif didn't talk that often he kept to himself a bit more
1:23 am | February 6, 2002

::murmers something incomprehensible::

Nice... me wants more...

How did they know about the Halo before the MC told them, anyway?

Whatever. Good job.